Analysis and consulting
service for industries


Bactory research team collaborated with several business partners on targeted research and development projects, trying to find practical solutions to various industrial issues. Bactory is therefore able to provide consultation and high-level services in the industrial microbiology field, such as:

  • Taxonomic identification of microorganisms (bacteria and fungi) exploitable in production chains and/or for patent procedures;
  • Identification and characterization of microbial contamination in industrial plants;
  • Monitoring of the persistence of the strains of interest within the production chains;
  • Assessment of the alteration causes in industrial products attributable to microbial contamination;
  • Tests for the determination and the quantification of industrially interesting microbial activities (cellulosolytic, pectinolytic, proteolytic, amylolitic, lipolytic activity);
  • Tests for the determination of the presence of compounds with antibiotic activity in biomasses intended for the production of biogas and compost (such as zootechnical manure), in products for animal husbandry and for the feed industry;
  • Evaluation of the antimicrobic efficiency of cleaning products, disinfectants and biocides on both free bacterial cells and biofilms contaminating the production plants.