Antibiofilm solutions

Inhibition and control of

bacterial biofilm growth


A biofilm is an aggregation of microorganisms strongly attached to a variety of surfaces and it is characterized by the presence of an external protective matrix, which makes this microbial community particularly resistant to antimicrobial agents as compared to free bacterial cells. In some cases, the resistance of bacterial biofilms towards antibiotics can increase up to 1000 times.

As a result, the difficulty encountered in the removal of bacterial biofilms can cause important and serious issues in several fields, such as the industrial, hospital and domestic sectors.

Bactory is developing an innovative solution based on the use of microparticles of biological origin for inhibiting and preventing microbial biofilm formation and the consequent bacterial contaminations.



Unique bacterial strains of Bactory exclusive property are used for microparticles synthesis, whose process is completely biological and environmental friendly.


The extraction process consists in the removal of bacterial cells, obtaining a sterile suspension of microparticles.


The effectiveness of our product is assessed by means of the MBEC assayâ„¢ method. The bacterial load present in the biofilm is reduced by 99%.